Q & A With Author Jaimie Hope

Today we welcome Author Jaimie Hope as part of her Baby Jaimie Has A Crush Tour.

Author Jaimie Hope recently collected questions from her followers on Facebook. They were permitted to ask anything that popped into their heads, with one stipulation. They’d have to follow the tour to read the blog post that contained the answers. This post contains the answers.

Through the years I have been asked a variety of questions, some of them even pertained to writing. A lot of questions I have already answered repeatedly in other blogs, so I was stumped as to what questions were still left unanswered. That’s when I turned to my followers. I asked them what questions they would most like to see answered. This is what they came up with. Thank you to all who asked a question.

Have you published all with the same house? If not, what what were the perks& quirks of the different houses.

No, so far I have used three different companies to publish my books. Each had there own perks and drawbacks. Still, I have 8 books that are beautifully published. In my own opinion anyway.

My first book, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie was published by AuthorHouse. I paid to have this book published and one might think that if you’re paying for a service a lot of the hands on work would be handled by someone else, but they’d be wrong. Not only was I responsible for writing the book, but I had to format it and write the back blurb. I also wound up having to rescan the illustrations after I went through the process of hiring an illustrator, coming up with an illustration list and approving the illustrations. I also wound up reformatting the whole book after I had to re-scan. This was my first time publishing, I knew nothing about dpi or formatting. It took a while to come up with a finished product, but once I held the finished product in my hand it was all worth it.

Two of my novels, Who Says You Can’t Go Home, Bless the Broken Road were published by PublishAmerica. I also published my Autobiography, Roll With It through them. The best part about them is on the surface it was free to publish with them. All the extras, like promotions, you have to pay for and with most of them there is no way to prove whether or not they upheld their end of the deal.

Three out of the four Adventures of Baby Jaimie books and my first Paranormal YA were published using CreateSpace. They have an option to pay for someone else to do the formatting, but I always choose the Do It Yourself option. The interior is never a problem, but the cover dimensions always takes me a while to get right. They do have a cover creator, but it’s limited.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give someone  publishing for the first time? The third time? The fifth time?

Do you research before you sign anything. There are a lot of new publishing companies popping up almost daily. I’m not saying they’re all bad, but you do have to watch out for scams. Check out the company online. Check with the Better Business Bureau and Editors and Predators. If you come up empty after checking out those sites do a Google search with the company’s name and the words complaints and scams next to it.

Where do you write-describe your studio.

My studio basically consists of my laptop or notebook and pen. I write wherever and whenever the mood strikes. Most the time I am in my bedroom when this happens.

Whats the oddest, or most rewarding thing that has ever happened at a book signing or author visit?

I can’t really recall anything odd ever happening at an event, but I have had plenty of rewarding moments. The event I had in January 2009 sticks out most in my mind. It was special for so many different reasons.

I published Who Says You Can’t Go Home? in July 2008. I was supposed to have an event in the fall, but I wound up having to bail on it when I got sick. I had an infected abscess on my left hip. I was ready to quit on my career at that point. I thought there was no way I could recover my career after bailing on an important event at a big chair bookstore, but I was wrong.

While I was going through the healing process I met a man, who was also a patient at the outpatient wound care center in the hospital. Turned out his wife worked in a college bookstore and he would go home and talk about me after our appointments. One day he gave me a card and told me to call because  the store was interested in setting up an event for me. This was December and I was healing nicely, so I went ahead and made the arrangements only to find out there was a setback in my healing the very day I finalized the date for the event, which was the last day in January.

I spent weeks praying I’d heal. I wound up having to get a Picc Line installed in my arm in early January, which wasn’t easy for me. I also had a Wound Vac for the second time. I hated them both, but I was so desperate to get well by my event I endured. Turned out it was for naught. I didn’t heal in time, but I decided to keep my plans for the event anyway.

That morning everything that could go wrong did. It snowed the night before and it was bitterly cold. The event got relocated, which I didn’t know about until I was en route. When I got there nobody knew who I was or why I was there. I was beginning to think the best part of the day was going to be getting to take the Wound Vac off for a little while.

Eventually, I got where I needed to go and my reading went off without another hitch. I even forgot I had a Picc Line in my arm and demonstrated how I can do a wheelie. I remembered it pretty quickly when I was in the wheelie, but by then there was nothing I could do except go with the flow. It was a pretty cool morning. The coolest part however, came as I was leaving. The bookstore manager came up to me with a little girl in tow. The little girl wanted to meet me, but she was shy. I thought that was sweet and a very rewarding moment and morning for me.

If you could have dinner with one author, who would it be?

That’s a tough question to answer because I admire so many authors, but if I had to choose just one I would have to say Dr. Seuss. I think it would be a fun dinner and I’ve always wonder what green eggs and ham would taste like.

What makes you smile?

My readers and followers make me smile daily. I know all authors say their fans are the greatest, but mine really are. I don’t even think of them as fans, but as friends. They check in with me daily and even if I’m having a bad day I always smile when I see a message from one of them.

Do you have any pets?

Does a pet rock count? That was my first pet and I still have it. I’ve also had dogs, fish, hamsters, and a turtle through the years.

You can purchase the book here and be sure to check out the many other books by this author!

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