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Just when I thought I have heard it all our teenagers of today keep amazing and surprising me. The things they are doing are so crazy and dangerous. Teens have always done things without thinking of the consequences but these are way beyond what I could of imagined. What could have changed so much in our society or in our teens worlds that have made them make these choices.

First we have Vodka Eyeball Shots! I can’t imagine anyone ever even thinking of doing such a dumb thing. This must not only burn like crazy but also can cause blindness.  Think of a time when you had something on your fingers and rubbed your eyes and the burning sensation you experienced. Now think of alcohol, that has to be so awful!  Yet, they are doing this to get a quick high and there are videos of this posted all over youtube. 

Next we move on to smoking incense. They are smoking this because its legal and its cheap. It gives them a high some say similar to marijuana. Schools are not able to do anything about it because there is nothing illegal about it yet.  Two teens have been in a coma as a result of smoking this. Once again videos about this incense called K2 are all over the youtube. 

Our newest is ‘Sack Tapping” This is when boys punch, kick and slap each other in the groin area. Whoever lasts standing the longest wins. Yes, this is true and happening and attached to my full article on this is a video of boys playing the game. There isn’t anyone that has not heard forever that a boy/man getting hurt in that area causing indescribable pain, yet these boys think its fun?

I received many messages of parents telling me that they had not heard of some of the above mentioned things. This parents is scary! If parents don’t know these things exist and have not talked to their teens of the dangers of them, how many are doing it or going to today? I try really hard to stay up to date and report to you my parenting readers all the latest trends.  Join me tonight on twitter at 9 PM est with @TheCoffeeKlatch for an truly informative teen chat #TCK. Parents you can’t miss this, many of these topics and many others will be discussed. Being aware is the best defense to prevent these from happening to your teen.

To read the full articles about these trends please go to

Thanks for taking time to read about these important topics and I hope to see you all tonight :)

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11 Responses to “Newest Teen Trends”

  1. Rissa says:

    Hmmm, my 6 yr old and a group of friends got in trouble for hitting each other in the groin. Sack tapping huh? I wonder if one of the kids learned it from an older sibling.

    Some scary stuff out there.

  2. Karen Sanders says:

    Just when you think teenagers can’t think of any new ways to endanger themselves, they come right along and surprise me.

    Sack Tapping? There was a time when boys would have called each other “gay” for going near another guy’s nads, now it’s a game to punch and kick them?! I hope none of these lads want kids when they’re older.

    Cindy, you are an angel for bringing these things to light! Keep up the good work!

  3. Sara Broers says:

    Just when we think we have heard it all~ there’s something else teens are engaging in. Thanks for all the helpful information that you are sharing with all of us.
    .-= Sara Broers´s last blog ..St. Augustine, Florida and GHOSTS~ =-.

  4. Melody says:

    Troublesome and beyond comprehension. I don’t what the answers are.
    .-= Melody´s last blog ..Cost of commute vs. toilet paper consumption =-.

  5. Alexis says:

    Just when we think we have heard it all~ there’s something else teens are engaging in. Thanks for all the helpful information that you are sharing with all of us.
    .-= Sara Broers´s last blog ..St. Augustine, Florida and GHOSTS~ =-.

  6. Faith Draper says:

    Oh, I was telling my niece (20) about your article on ‘Sack Tapping’ she said they were doing that back when she was in early high school but it was ‘just tapping’ in those days :(

  7. That sounds like it hurts so bad with the Vodka! What is happening to our parents to cause these children to behave this way? I’ve been “sack tapped” by accident and it ain’t fun!!!

  8. Tina says:

    This scares me a lot I have never heard of any of this my kids are teenagers and I pray this is something that never crosses their path. But the horrible thing is it just might be right around the corner its time for another talk. WOW, is all I can say

  9. All Important things to know about trends in our teens,
    I hope that besides learning about the dangers, steps are taken to to give the teens some direction of more important furfilling things to do with their spare time, I think that boredum is the culprit here,

  10. Hallo,am following you on twitter.We want to know how we can merge hands in order to support our children here

  11. Luke says:

    I wonder what is the cause and most importantly a solution to this behavior ?

    They are getting more and more violent. Where are we heading ?

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