Let’s Stop the Bullying of Artists on The Voice


This will seem a little out of place, but for weeks I have sat back and watched what has been transpiring on the show The Voice’s Facebook page and the artist’s pages.

I am a children’s author who most recently published a book on bullying. Why did I choose bullying? In recent years bullying has been progressively getting worse and has become a nationwide epidemic for many of our children.

I have been faithfully watching The Voice since season 3. I have a deep passionate love of music of all kinds and came across this show. After one show, I was hooked! I couldn’t wait each week to watch the auditions, battle rounds and hear each artist strive to be the best they could be.

Each of these artists is talented and each one is a human being with feelings. In the recent weeks of following the page on Facebook it has become very disturbing. There isn’t a post without nastiness or in my eyes bullying! These are grown-ups bashing the artists. Why? We wonder why our children are bullied or bully other children. All one has to do is look at this wall and you will see why.

I have my favorites just like everyone else, but I would never bash another person’s favorite. We are Americans, we are individuals with individual likes and dislikes. Does this make it wrong for a person to not like what we do?

When I went on Danielle Bradbery’s wall, a 16 year old young girl and saw nasty, rude comments, I felt it was time to say something. This young girl is striving to do her best, as is every other artist in this competition. America votes and chooses who goes on. This requires voting on Facebook, calling to vote, texting your vote or buying their song. This young girl has made it to the top 10 in Country every single week! She by no means deserves any negative comments, nor does any other artist on this show.

You can have your favorites, stay on their walls, support them, vote for them and listen to their music. On The Voice page, if you don’t like an artist or their picture, find your artist and talk to their fans. Why does America feel the need to bully these people who are following their dreams? These artists are reading these walls. Their families and friends are seeing these nasty rude remarks posted every single day. It is time to stop this nonsense and grow-up and be the respectful adult people that we all should be striving to be. Everything we say and everything we do is seen. Please America it is time to wake up, all our children are watching!

Update – Since posting this article, the support has been overwhelming!

Danielle Bradbery shared this article on her Facebook page and posted the following:

“Let’s have fun and no need to bash.  I can honestly say that the contestants have nothing but love and respect for one another.  We are a family here and cheer for one another.  And we hurt when someone leaves the show.  Please be supportive of your favorite artist and respect the rest of us.  Thank you.”

Since her post, I have noticed a drastic change in remarks posted. To read all the comments please go to her Facebook Page. Thank you Danielle for sharing and thank you everyone for your wonderful supportive comments.

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18 Responses to “Let’s Stop the Bullying of Artists on The Voice”

  1. Crystal Clifton says:

    Very well said Cindy

  2. Cindy – I so agree with you – there is no need whatsoever for rude remarks for anyone – so you have your favorite and it might not be the one everyone else likes – so what – they are all striving for the same thing to be the best they can be – I hate bullying of any kind – my grandson is autistic and the remarks and looks that he gets is unforgiveable — thank you Cindy for speaking out as we all should do

  3. Patty Blount says:

    I also published a book about bullying and agree completely.

    While I haven’t seen this show, I see bullying throughout Hollywood — most recently, when Kristen Stewart was allegedly cheating with her director.

    I blogged about that, too.

    All reality programming encourages this sort of behavior. “Let me laugh at you while I sit in my living room”. It’s very hard for parents to model positive behavior when we’re surrounded by shows that criticize and vote off and make people cry.

  4. Lianna says:

    So glad you wrote this. very well said and I think it needed to be said! Thank you!

  5. Komi says:

    I completely agree with you. I was taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. Sad people are so cowardly and come online to cyber bully.

    I think Judith Hill had it bad too.

  6. mona19595 says:

    I couldn’t agree more with all of you….it’s sad when people are out right mean. It’s pretty obvious there are bullies of all kinds, I feel really bad for anyone who has been bullied especially those on the Voice. They put themselves out there in good faith to advance their career’s and they are bashed by a few who don’t want them to succeed. I’m not sure how anyone can begrudge someone of their dreams. I was bashed on a comment board for expressing my feeling’s of who I wanted to win on the Voice. I have to ask what kind of a society have we become?

  7. Tina Turner says:

    well said Cindy…thumbs up to you =)

  8. Lori B says:

    Thank you for writing this; I couldn’t agree with you more. Those artists are all out there doing their best to make their dreams come true and start a career in music. They don’t deserve to be put down or have to put up with people’s nasty comments who hurt them and their families.

  9. JimmyZ says:

    I agree completely. People who watch the Voice should actually get the message from the show itself. Unlike Idol, where nasty, belittling comments are the norm, the coaches on the voice give nothing but constructive criticism.

    I would have no problem with someone posting a note questioning a song choice, or offering a friendly suggestion-that’s how we all grow and get better. But when it comes to nastiness, it’s just plain stupid.

  10. Melissa Campbell says:

    I too get very very disturbed seeing these wonderful young people get bashed for no reason. I think this has been going on since the beginning of social websites. The only thing I can surmise is that there are so many people now in the world who have no goals, disillusioned with life, full of frustration, anger, bad pasts and the like. there is jealousy involved. Another reason is that there are so many not brought up properly anymore – not taught about respect or compassion or pulling for one another. The Bible says, in the end days, hearts will grow cold. Exactly what is happening. I always pray that the artists won’t read the posts and if they do, they are strong enough in themselves to take with a grain of salt.

  11. Jeffrey McCooeye says:

    Great article! I have watched The Voice for three of its four seasons, and the bullying of the artists is the worst it has been; a week ago, I expressed my feelings about it on my Facebook page; it honestly disgusts me. I have my favorite; everyone does; but, like you, I would never go the other artists social media sites, or the YouTube videos of their performances (where the bullying has been even worse); and attack them. Like everyone, I will be disappointed if my favorite gets eliminated, but I would never blame the other artists for it, like has happen this season. This bullying has got to stop!

  12. Rosemary Cody says:

    I can’t wait to get my copy of your book “Waffles and Pancakes” for my grandchildren. I too have been watching the bullying going on concerning Danielle Bradbery who is competing on “The Voice.” I want all of my grandchildren to know everyone has feelings and should be respected no matter what. Thank you for writing this book to help teach them.

  13. Marta says:

    I agree completely with this article. What I find really ironic is that the same people that have been saying that they love these 4 coaches because of the chemistry between them and how nice they are and so forth are the same one bulling all these singers. It’s really sickening that adults that should be setting example on how to treat and respect others are such bullies.
    Just because we don’t like a genre of music or prefer a singer over the other is not a reason to bash the others. Also people are not limiting their coments to “I don’t like a singer because she is boring” but they are calling them names like “freak, nerd, hooker, fat, ugly”.
    The nastiness needs to end. Lets learn from the coaches.

  14. Linda Rathmann says:

    Bad behavior is learned at home! There is such a horrendous amount of people that that do not use manners! Families watch such crap & violence on TV they no longer teach right or wrong to their children and they have no family values!

  15. Elise says:

    This article is so well written. I was so disturbed to read the comments made on Michelle Chamuel on Facebook and other Social Networks. Why? Because she is so wonderfully different? Our children read these comments and we need to embrace the fact that she is so talented and so unique in her own. Granted, I too have my favorites on the show, but we are fortunate that we get to vote as Americans. We get to pick and choose whom we like or favor. These 4 that are left are all amazing talent! Show some respect for their God given gifts and talents.

    Respect in Austin, TX…

  16. A lot of the garbage posted on The Voice page is so juvenile and revolting that it’s deeply disturbing to know it’s coming from adults. Why are these people so emotionally invested in the outcome of a TV singing contest? They don’t know the contestants, they have no personal stake in the outcome, yet they carry on as if their very lives depended on this person or that one winning. Whew. I would hate to have a mind and an emotional world that pathetically narrow.

    The Voice FB page, btw, has had some raw pornography posted on it from time to time. The producers should have somebody monitoring it and removing objectionable material — including the bullying comments about singers. It’s in the best interests of the show and NBC to keep it clean.

  17. gayle collier says:

    I love what you wrote. I loved her response.

  18. Anna says:

    I agree about all the bullying online (and we cannot always tell for sure which commenters are adults). I am beginning to think mandatory charm school for everyone (adults included) may become necessary, given the growing lack of self-control and seeming total ignorance of manners and basic humane treatment of others that is exhibited in online comments all over the internet and is spilling over into face-to-face encounters in our society as well and is in part fueling everything from minor rudeness to political gridlock to mass shootings.

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