Guest Post: Meet Author Jaimie Hope

Thank you, Cindy for allowing me this time and space on your blog. My name is Jaimie Hope, and I am an author. I write in a few different genres, but I consider myself to be a Children’s book author first and foremost.

My first published book was a children’s picture book. The Adventures of Baby Jaimie was published in 2006. Since that time I have written two other books in the series. As of last night, January 8, 2012, I am proud to say all the books in my series are also available in E-book format as well as paperback. Who would have thought we’d be reading electronic novels and children’s books? Certainly not I.

Admittedly I have been slow to catch on to this new digital era of the electronic book. That’s obvious to anyone who pays attention to publishing dates. My third children’s book, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Gets Stage Fright was the first book I’d published that went straight to E-book format. My original, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie came second. The second in the series, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Goes to School was the third.

I had no control over when the first one was released because it was at my publisher’s Author House’s mercy to decide when to release that. However, I now wish I would have released two and three together. To be honest, it never even occurred to me. I e-published not only the Children’s book, but also my first Paranormal Romance, When You Come Back to Me Again in the same week. After I announced their release I got requests for the paperback versions. It wasn’t something I’d thought about up until that point, but since I believe in the motto “give the people what they want” I released them. You may be thinking that wasn’t a big deal since the manuscripts were already done, but you’re wrong.

The Children’s book had black and white illustrations and while my first Children’s book was released with black and white illustrations, I had decided I wanted colored illustrations after having them for my second book. This meant I had to color the illustrations myself. For someone who didn’t like to color as a child this was quite a task.

After the coloring was done I needed to reformat my manuscript, and work on the back cover. With an e-book all that is needed is a cover, so I didn’t have anything for the back cover except the synopsis.

You would think by the time I released my fourth children’s book I knew what I was doing, but you’d be wrong. While it took me the shortest amount of time from writing to publication to date there were still bumps along the way. Most of them had to do with my lack of math skills. Not sure why most people either seem to be good with words or with numbers when truthfully you need both skills to do most jobs. If dream is a writing career and you’re still in school do yourself a favor and pay attention in all your classes, you really will need it all someday.

All of these things probably seem like they would be no big deal to the average person. When I was dreaming of becoming an author when I was in school I didn’t think it was a big deal either. I thought all I had to do was write whatever story was in my head, and the rest would take care of itself. As I began to make my dream a reality I realized it was nothing at all like I had dreamed it would be. Not only did I have to write my manuscripts, but I was responsible for the front covers, the back covers, and marketing. I also quickly realized the tasks that I once weren’t a big deal are. Any time you release anything that has your name attached to it it’s a big deal.


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