Forever & Always ~ Destiny is Here!

Tweet This book took me 5 years to write. I truly can’t count how many times I changed it. My hope was to make it the very best that I could. Having only written children’s books, this is my first novel. The reviews are coming in and it feels as if my hard work is […]

Just Released! Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in the True Meaning of Christmas!

Tweet My newest children’s book has been released in plenty of time to put under your Christmas tree this year. Early reviews and messages I am receiving are showing me how much children love my little characters.  Take the newest journey with Danny, Griffin, Waffles and Pancakes and see what everyone is talking about.  Waffles […]

Congratulations Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Bullying!

Tweet Last night Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Bullying won an award for the Best Children’s Book of 2013. I can’t tell you how happy this made me feel. When I first found out I was nominated with so many wonderful books out there I didn’t think my book stood a chance. When I […]

The Voice Battle Rounds Continue

Tweet America voted and picked a winner Danielle Bradbery, who is the 16 year old young lady who shared my first article about what is happening on the Facebook pages relating to The Voice television show. You would think that now that it is over things would quiet down? Actually, it is the exact opposite. […]

Let’s Stop the Bullying of Artists on The Voice

Tweet This will seem a little out of place, but for weeks I have sat back and watched what has been transpiring on the show The Voice’s Facebook page and the artist’s pages. I am a children’s author who most recently published a book on bullying. Why did I choose bullying? In recent years bullying has […]

Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in the True Meaning of Christmas

Tweet Thank you for stopping by for the final story in the Lil’ Anchor’s Sleigh Ride Event. Danny and Griffin looked out the window and couldn’t believe their eyes. This was one time the weather man knew what he was talking about. Everywhere they looked there were trees down, wires were on the ground and […]

Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Candy Overload

Tweet Danny and Griffin decided to take Waffles and Pancakes to the circus today. Waffles and Pancakes had never been to one before so Danny and Griffin were so excited to show them all the fun things they could do together. Waffles and Pancakes were so fascinated by all the excitement, they saw so many […]

Waffles and Pancakes Have a Sponsor

Tweet My new book Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Bullying was just recently released, book two in my series. Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Bullying was written with the younger reader in mind. There are numerous books for middle school and high school about bullying, but there were not many for grade school. My […]

Q & A With Author Jaimie Hope

Tweet Today we welcome Author Jaimie Hope as part of her Baby Jaimie Has A Crush Tour. Author Jaimie Hope recently collected questions from her followers on Facebook. They were permitted to ask anything that popped into their heads, with one stipulation. They’d have to follow the tour to read the blog post that contained the answers. […]

Waffles and Pancakes Huge Giveaway

Tweet There is a Waffles and Pancakes Giveaway Happening Right Now on my Facebook page. I will be giving away a Waffles and Pancakes License Plate Cover, a Signed copy of the book and a Signed coloring book. Waffles and Pancakes is a story about two hamsters who were bought from the pet store on the […]

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