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Waffles and Pancakes A Lesson in Candy Overload


Danny and Griffin decided to take Waffles and Pancakes to the circus today. Waffles and Pancakes had never been to one before so Danny and Griffin were so excited to show them all the fun things they could do together. Waffles and Pancakes were so fascinated by all the excitement, they saw so many animals that they had never seen before.

As they were leaving the tent they saw these three little girls go through a special door, and then they saw a young boy go in too. “What could be behind that door?” asked Danny. “I don’t know but since everyone else is going why don’t we go also?” said Griffin. Waffles and Pancakes were excited, what could be behind that special door?

They had seen so many fun things and great shows already. As Danny opened the door, all of them just stared at the beautiful carousel that was right in front of them. They saw the little girls and boy who had gone in before them, and what was that they saw? Could it really be? Dancing bears also? The boys and Waffles and Pancakes kept rubbing their eyes. They couldn’t possibly be seeing a blue dragon and fairy also could they?

Then all of a sudden (POOF) this beautiful fairy godmother was standing in front of them. The boys and hamsters thought they must be dreaming, this really couldn’t be happening could it? The fairy godmother told them that she would give them one wish. The boys and Waffles and Pancakes talked it over and said, “We want to ride on the beautiful carousel with the three little girls, the boy, the fairy and the blue dragon.”

The fairy godmother waved her magic wand and everyone was on the carousel. It started really slow, the horses going up and down, then she made it go really fast! Everyone was laughing and having fun. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped. Danny and Griffin opened their eyes and found that they were exactly where they were before, outside the door. They were very confused, as were Waffles and Pancakes. “What just happened?” asked Griffin. “I don’t know” said Danny, Waffles and Pancakes just shook their heads.

Danny walked forward and opened the door, inside was all storage equipment for the circus and the room was really dark. There was no carousel, there were no little girls and boy that they saw go in there. They looked around and saw the three little girls sitting watching the show under the big tent and across from them was the boy. “Wow” said Danny, “I think we had too much candy today.” “Maybe candy does make you hyper like my mom always tells me” said Griffin. As they started to walk away to leave, the three little girls and the boy waved to them with a huge smile on their face. Did it really happen? Why would they wave to them? Waffles and Pancakes waved to the three bears, the fairy and the blue dragon. Sometimes dreams do come true.


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